Stainless Steel Casing

Panasonic DC Inverter Compressor

Intelligent Carel Control system

Efficient Carel Power+ Inverter Drive

Precision Carel Expansion Valve

Smart Weather Compensation

Super Quiet DC Inverter Fans

Built-in Grundfos Pump with Smart PWM Control

Remote WiFi control and Management available

Cascade any number of units RS485

BMS Control available MCS Accredited for RHI

SAP / PCBD Listed

Stainless Plate Heat Exchanger

Can be installed with virtually any system configuration

Refrigerant diagnostic gauges

Ambient working temperature range -20c to +43c

Heating & Cooling Functions

5 Year Warranty*

Heat Pump: Latest IVT22-EVI Heat Pump

Cylinder: 200L, 250L, 300L

Buffer Tank: 60L Buffer (with internal expansion option)

Buffer fitting pack (3kw backup immersion, PRV, 1″x28mm brass fittings, 1″ plugs)

600mm Flexi Feet, 500mm Pre-insulated Flexi Hoses

25 Litres of Thermox DTX Inhibited Glycol, 28mm IntaKlean filter

G3 Potable Expanison Vessel, Vessel Bracket, 3 Port Diverter Valve

Auto Air Vent, Filling Loop & Pressure Guage, G3 Tundish, G3 Multiblock Pressure Reducing Valve, Pre-Wired Cylinder and Buffer thermostat Probes

Easy CAT6 Connection to heat pump (Various Cable Lengths Available), Simple 2 Wire Volt-Free connection for heating controls.